In 1994, Dailey-Wells initially installed, and has supported to date, the City of Los Angeles STRS PROJECT 16 Compliant network of 41ea 800MHz Simulcast Channels utilizing 6 premier sites circling the City. Fast forward 20 years, and the City was faced with the dilemma on how to safely migrate several thousand user radios from the Analog Project 16 system to a Project 25 Digital platform... with the necessity of migrating those users seamlessly over several budget years as funding became available. The City elected to purchase the fully-integrated HARRIS EDACS IP GATEWAY, VIDA, C3IP Maestro, and MASTR V Linear Simulcast platforms from Dailey-Wells.


From true End-to-End IP, to Guaranteed Future-Ready Project 25 Phase 2 capabilities, the City's new HARRIS P25IP Network may very well be the most advanced in the world. No other Project 25 platform available today can match the features, redundancy, and seamless backward compatibility to the legacy Project 16 system demanded by the City's Public Safety users.

The initial deployment included 41ea 800MHz NPSPAC channels, 6ea Transmit Sites, and the fully redundant (HA) VIDA Network Switching Center (NSC) site. Hardware included 250ea MASTR V Linear Simulcast IP repeaters, 21ea C3IP Maestro Consoles, EDACS IP Gateway, and the standards-based Project 25 ISSI inter-op links to other Regional networks.


Dailey-Wells received the "Notice to Proceed" from the City in January 2012 and the entire $22 Million network/terminals was installed/delivered by Dailey-Wells and fully accepted by the City in June 2012 (6 months later). Throughout the design, staging, deployment, and acceptance testing, engineers from the City of Los Angeles Information Technology Agency (LAITA) continuously witnessed and inspected all work performed.

In 2013, the City invested millions more in upgrades and expansions in addition to the County of Los Angeles investing an additional $40 million in a near-identical network. In all, both the City and County of Los Angeles has nearly a $80 million investment to serve them for the next 20 years!


In parallel to the Dailey-Wells deployment, the City also deployed the latest ALCATEL IP based microwave backbone network. In addition, Dailey-Wells also provided all new N+1 DC plants, Network Sentry Alarm Systems, and new antenna systems at each site.

Reliability is drastically increased by the elimination of most single points of failure, added redundancy, and about 75% reduction of the legacy Project 16 hardware footprints. Maintenance is simplified by the advanced MASTR V modularized chassis and advanced Network Sentry Alarm system.

Expansion of the system is simple "Plug and Play" since the entire network is true End-to-End IP (LAN/WAN) based. From adding a single console to an entire site, no other system offers the straight-forward simplicity and reliability of the HARRIS VIDA P25IP Platform.

Best of all, most all critical network components are locally available Commercial Off The Shelf (COTS) products from Cisco Managed Routers/Switches, Sun (Oracle) Databases, to the Dell Poweredge RAID Servers. This drastically reduces life-costs and training since most IT departments use these identical platforms daily.

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