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THE BLUE SANTA PROGRAM began in San Antonio in 1976 when officers from the SAPD Community Relations Unit adopted needy families at Christmas time. The officers provided these families with groceries for Christmas dinner and presents for their children. These police officers, wearing their blue uniforms, became known as "Blue Santas".

This year, SAPD officers and volunteers will assemble the gifts, label them, and make sure the appropriate gift is delivered to each child on the Blue Santa list. Officers who have submitted nominations of needy children deliver the packages to the families. Whenever possible, an officer dressed in the "Blue Santa" costume accompanies the police officers on their deliveries.

L3HARRIS & DAILEY-WELLS are proud to sponsor the Annual BLUE SANTA Charity Golf Classic and "Breakfast with SANTA" for the 28th year which has raised millions of dollars for the needy children and families of San Antonio. In addition, DAILEY-WELLS made an additional $150,000 contribution in 2019 to the SAPOA "Blue Cares" Community Outreach Program.


Cancer touches most every family sooner or later. We are very fortunate to be home to the MD Anderson Mays Cancer Center, a part of University of Texas Health here in San Antonio. Dailey-Wells is proud to be a major contributor with millions of dollars in contributions by Dailey-Wells principals. The Mays Cancer Center brings world-class cancer care to the citizens of San Antonio & South Central Texas, as well as local clinical research and trials have provided major breakthroughs in Cancer care for all mankind. For more information>

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